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Top Exported Handmade Handbags

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Handbags | 0 comments

Handmade Handbags has been one of the biggest items exporter to vast number of countries world wide like Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom including London, Manchester, France including Paris, Spain Including Barcelona, Italy, Rome, USA, Africa including South Africa and West Africa Regions, Russia, Netherlands, LAC, UAE, Dubai etc. The beauty of these Handbags are the Uniqueness and Exclusive nature that prevents them from replication due to the handwork put in individual Bags.

Afghani Premium Leather Handbags

Unique Range of Afghani Premium Leather Handmade Handbags exclusively created by Cultural Trolley Team in various Styles, Colors and Handworks for International Market like Australia, Dubai, UAE, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America, South America, Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and many more regions. These Afghani Leather Handbags are amazing Bags created with utmost accuracy in handwork like embroidery, patchwork etc as to provide Unique Form for High End Designer Collections.

 Afghani Leather Travel Bags

Afghani Leather Travel Bags are Multi purpose Handmade Handbags used for different purposes. These Handmade Handbags are classic collections of Multi Purpose bags with great number of Patterns, Designs and Handwork. These Exclusive Leather Bags are amazing looking Bags that gives a amazing visualization to anyone carrying them.

Handmade Clutches

Clutches as been a Style Statement for Decades, with vast range of Handmade Clutches available in the Market, they offer a true showcase of the variations throughout the time. These are exclusive Handmade Clutches that are Unique in nature and without any Replicated copies. These Clutches forms a wide number supplied to Retails, International Malls, Show rooms and various Outlets all across the Globe.

Handmade Tote Bags

Term Tote means ‘to Carry’ and Term Tote Bags Means ‘large bags used for carrying a number of items or a Shopping Bag’. Handmade Tote Bags are Widely used Globally in various forms and Utility like Work Bag ,Laptop Bag, Diaper Bag,Coupon Bag,Overnight Bag, Evening Bag, Vanity Bag, Shopping Bag,School Bag,Picnic Bag,Gym Bag,Crafts Bag,Knitting Bag,Beach Bag, Travel Bag, Books Bag, Weekend Bag,Work Bag,Fashion accessory Bag and So On.

Handmade Sling Bags

Handmade Sling bags are Exclusive Range of Designer Slings available in Unique Quality range for Domestic and International Market. These Exclusive Sling Bags are made with High Quality Material and with Unique Handwork as to offer them Premium Quality and Designer Tag in various Regions.

Suzani Handbags

Suzani Travel Bags are Handmade Premium Collection Bags offered with embroidered work and handwork with precision. These Hand Embroidered Handbags are true work of Brilliance by the Artisans.

Mini Bucket Handbags

Mini Bucket Tote Bags are Cute little Color full Tote Bags in amazing different range and collection. These are HandBags with Great Handwork done in Exclusivity by the Artisans offered in vast array of Patterns and Designs.