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Terracota Jewellery

OSince traditional times, jewellery has been carved out of various materials in different parts of the world. While most people would think that gold and silver are the age old metals used for making jewellery, it is not exactly true. Before these precious metals, wood, clay and stones were used by the early inhabitants for making jewellery pieces.

The designs of such jewellery depicted pictures of animals and trees.The jewellery made out of such materials like clay, leaves, stones and wood bark are known as terracotta jewellery in modern times Natural, lightweight and extremely colourful Terracota jewellery is making waves all over the globe. This technique has redefined jewellery like never before.

Terracota in technical terms is a clay-based unglazed or glazed ceramic where the fired body is porous. Terracotta Jewellery uses very earthy and natural elements like wood bark, clay, dried leaves and stones for making exquisite jewellery pieces. Terracotta Jewellery is the truly valuable asset of India. It is handmade and unique.

It offers incredible designs which are not at all common. The best thing about Terracotta Jewellery is that it provides a distinct look to the wearer. This type of jewellery can virtually have infinite styles and designs. The colour combinations, design patterns and styles used depend on artisan to artisan and hence a new design is received from each one.

We are the Premier Exporter, Sourcing Agent, Buying House of Handmade Terracota Jewellery Exported to International Markets like Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom including London, Manchester, France including Paris, Spain Including Barcelona, Italy, Rome, USA, Africa including South Africa and West Africa Regions, Russia, Netherlands, LAC, UAE, Dubai etc

Also Known as Handmade Terracota Jewellery, Ethnic Terracota Jewellery, Indian Terracota Jewellery, Traditional Terracota Jewellery

Handmade Terracota Jewellery

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