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Handicraft Dokra Art Figureines

Our Handicraft Dokra Figurines Collection are amazing collection of Handicraft Figurines, Handicraft Statues available in various Forms and Structure. Dokra Handicraft Figurinse are some of the most detailed Figurines Exported to International Markets like Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom including London, Manchester, France including Paris, Spain Including Barcelona, Italy, Rome, USA, Africa including South Africa and West Africa Regions, Russia, Netherlands, LAC, UAE, Dubai etc

Revisiting the era of Harrappa and Mohenjo Daro from Indus civilization and presenting the art of Bell Metal or Dhokra/Dokra as its known popularly, Cultural Trolley presents to you the very creative Bastar Art from Chhattisgarh. The BELL METAL or DHOKRA/DOKRA is one of the earliest known method of metal casting.

The Dokra technique has managed to survive many centuries and change of dynasties owing to its modesty of application in everyday lives. Its USP reflects in the sheer talent of the artisans where the entire artwork is solely made by hand without any use of technology. The ancient art of cire-perdue or lost wax thread method of metal casting is still used by the tribal people of BASTAR, from Chhattisgarh over the last 200 years.

Blending science and nature the artisans have mastered the art of Dhokra / Dokra using all natural resources available to them and using them to their optimum potential. Out of all the natural ingredients used such as clay, cow dung, paddy husk, molten metal etc Beeswax is the most important which helps not only in contouring but also giving shape to the artisans creativity.

According to artisans, they originally used this art form to create idols of deities, but over a period of time in order to adapt themselves to the changing trends in the market they started making more secular forms used more as artifacts than objects of worship. The collectibles list now includes Idols, Animal Figurines, Vases, Photo Frames, Modern Door Handles, and more.

This is an art form which has survived through generations by retaining its simplicity and at the same time advancing in its unique designs which are adored the world over. Be it for your own home or for gifting to a loved one, each Dokra/Dhokra piece made so laboriously will definitely leave a lasting impact.

Also Known as Dokra Art Figurines, Dokra Art Statues, Dhokra Art Handicraft Figurines, Handicraft Metal Cast Figurines. Dokra Art Idols, Handicraft Animal Figurine, Handicraft Vases, Handicraft Photo Frames, Handicraft Modern Door Handles, Handicraft Brass Statues, Handicraft Pen Stands, Vintage Door Handles, Vintage Handicraft Statues

Handicraft Dokra Art Figurine

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