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Dokra Jewellery

Dokra (also called as Dhokra) art is an ancient method of making metal artifacts by a wax-casting technique. Dokra Jewellery is a tribal art which serves as livelihood for several tribal and nomadic artisans scattered in tribal districts of Bengal. This community of nomadic craftsmen known as Dokra is adept in making ornaments.

The jewelry they create features marvelous metal figures of Gods, Goddesses, bird, animal figurines and ritual deities. Handmade Dokra Jewellery making is one of those quintessential art forms of Indian culture that receive high regard in the foreign countries. Every year many pieces of Handmade Dokra Jewellery are exported to exclusive outlets across the globe.

The tantalizing designs and themes of Dokra Jewellery make them extremely popular among fashionable women.Dokra Jewellery is extremely high in creativity. The art of Dokra Jewellery making is passed down from generations to generations. This artisitc jewellery is multi functional and can cater to all ages of women.

The pendants and earrings are threaded in various silk or cotton threads which make it easier to match any ensemble and add a colorful aspect to the jewellery. In some cases even wooden beads or other materials are used to add to the variety. From weddings to casual outings there isnt any even where you cannot flaunt these handmade beauties…..

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Also Known as Handmade Dokra Jewellery, Ethnic Dokra Jewellery, Indian Dokra Jewellery, Traditional Dokra Jewellery, Handcrafted Dokra Jewellery

Dokra Jewellery

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