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Handicraft Dokra Art Frames

Handicraft Dokra Art Frames are one of the most recognized Handicraft Dokra Art Frames Collection in International Markets. These Dokra Art Frames Collection add great visibility to any location whether its Home Walls, Table Tops, Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, High End Corporates, Offices, Commercials, Malls etc, due to its unique catchy impact. We are the Premiere Exporter of these Frames  to Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom including London, Manchester, France including Paris, Spain Including Barcelona, Italy, Rome, USA, Africa including South Africa and West Africa Regions, Russia, Netherlands, LAC, UAE, Dubai etc in various formats as per market requirement.

Dhokra or Dokra wall frames is another extension of the famous Dokra art and has been developed to suit the urban lifestyles. The Dokra/Dhokra technique has been further combined with metal, glass and wood to make extremely beautiful and creative wall pieces. Each Dokra wall frame is artistically handmade with superior precision and the talent of the artisans is clearly reflected in all of them. Be it home, office or shops these wall frames can be use to add an antique or ethnic touch to any space.

These Dokra/Dhokra frames are available in various sizes and shapes to suit the customer’s requirements. Lot of human figures are used as a center motif to make these art pieces and then they are further embellished with additional figures or sometimes abstract motives to give them the rustic look. These Dokra/Dhokra wall frames can also be referred to as Tribal frames as they generally reflect that era of civilization.

There is a very huge demand for such antique decor art pieces in the international market  as all products made solely by hand are always appreciated and cherished by the art lovers all over the globe. The USP of these Dokra/Dhokra frames is that they can be used to accessorize the ethnic and antique interiors of any room or offices and at the same time they are designed and framed in such a way that they add an urban look to the entire set up.

Visually appealing and blending the rural art with the urban mood these Dokra/Dhokra wall frames would be a customer’s delight and furthermore these very apt for gifting during festivals.

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Handicraft Dokra Frames

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