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Christmas Hanging Moon

Its new and its an instant hit!!! Christmas Hanging Moon as a Christmas Ornament or Tree Decoration is very very unique and not attempted by a lot of people. This idea of Christmas hanging Moons for Christmas Tree decorations has become an instant hit with our customers and we have exporting these in large numbers globally.

These Christmas Moons or Christmas tree decorations come in 3 different sizes of 3, 4 and 5 inches and can either be ordered as a set or sold individually also. Our creative artisans have very cleverly transformed the moon into a Christmas hanging ornament where we see designs such Santa Clause riding the Moon or reindeers and snowmans with children and so on.

The Christmas hanging moon gives the Christmas decorations a whole new twist and adds a variety of Christmas Ornaments to choose from. You can get a wide pallette of colors, designs and concepts to choose from and you can also make a complete set of all the Christmans Ornaments like Hanging Stars, Haning Moons, Hanging Bells, Hanging Balls etc put together depicting an entire festive story.

All the hand painted Christmas Tree decorations are completely hand made and hand painted and in the final stages a touch of varnish or coating is done which gives them the much needed shine as well as saves them from any external damages.

We are the Premier Exporter, Sourcing Agent, Buying House of Christmas Hanging Moon Exported to International Markets like Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom including London, Manchester, France including Paris, Spain Including Barcelona, Italy, Rome, USA, Africa including South Africa and West Africa Regions, Russia, Netherlands, LAC, UAE, Dubai etc


Also Known as Christmas Hanging Decor, Christmas Tree Decoration, Christmas Tree Decor Moon, Christmas Hanging Moon Decor, Paper Mache Christmas Hand Painted Moon, Christmas Paper Mache Decoration, Christmas Hanging Moon Paper Mache, Christmas Decoration Hand Painted Moon

Christmas Hanging Moon

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